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Fun Fanciful Feasts!

Mother of two, Samantha Lee transforms food into fun!


Turning every plate into a fanciful feast, Lee Samantha is a Malaysian mother and Food Artist who cleverly creates playful, vibrant, and healthy meals for her two young daughters.

She started transforming food into fun back in 2008, when trying to encourage her eldest daughter to eat healthy, and began posting her creations on Instagram in 2011.


Collaboration with DBS Bank to encourage "Joyful Dining"

(Ingredients: Onigiri, ketchup, nori, capsicums, zucchini, carrot, potato, cheese.)


Since then, her unique and incredibly creative approach of ‘storytelling’ on a plate has not only delighted her daughters but has garnered her a local and international viral storm on social media

Fuss-free and imaginative, Samantha doesn’t believe in wasting food and is a firm follower of utilizing fresh and healthy ingredients.

Inspirational edible art

Her delightfully whimsical plates have also caught the attention of international brands and top advertising and PR agencies around the world.


Mickey & Minnie (Remake version)

(Ingredients: onigiri, nori, capsicums, grapes)


Now Samantha has amassed a growing social media following of almost a million followers and has established herself as a Food Artist thanks to her innovative way of approaching mealtimes.

"Swiiing like a monkey!!!"

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