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Mother and Daughter Collaboration

Working together, each has a diverse set of skills and creative experiences that compliments the other.


Fine Artist and Founder

Studying her PGCE in Art and English and obtaining a Degree in Visual Arts at UNISA, Diane (now nearing 3 decades!) has taught art to a wide range of students. Her pupils are that of pre, primary, high school levels, and also include tertiary and adult learners. She has a spontaneous, expressive drawing style and specializes in drawing, painting, pastel, printmaking, Matric Art, and Concept Development. 



Fine Artist

Michelle is a fine artist and illustrator who studied Fine and Visual Art at both TUKS and UNISA. She has a mind made for art and is always working on something new and innovative. She has a special feel for figure studies and portraiture. Her work evidences a special feel for the original use of mixed media and she often uses surprising materials in her work such as painting with the colouring from sweets and using nail polish. She has a special flair for realism.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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